of employees have moderate to severe biomechanical abnormalities


of employees will experience pain due to gait abnormalities if left untreated


of workplace absenteeism is due to back pain



We are Toronto’s premier corporate wellness provider dedicated to the needs of urban professionals.

We help socially-responsible small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) to optimize their corporate wellness.

Corporate wellness is associated with increased employee satisfaction, productivity, and retention, as well as a healthy bottom line.

Our corporate wellness strategy of choice is orthotic therapy (i.e. the therapeutic use of custom orthotics), since it effectively relieves lower extremity and spinal pain, improves posture, and prevents overuse injuries.

How Orthotic Therapy can optimize the Health and Performance of your Employees and add to your Company’s Bottom Line

Chances are, there are a number of employees in your organization who experience physical discomfort because of foot, leg, knee, hip, or low back pain.

These include workers who are on their feet for most or some part of their day, whose job description includes lifting loads, or those with diabetes and arthritis, or prior injuries.

Physical discomfort can greatly interfere with your employees’ ability to do their jobs and is documented to result in high absenteeism and low productivity. Both negatively impact a company’s bottom line. 

With the increase of ergonomic awareness, companies are adapting and redesigning work environments to fit the worker’s capabilities and limitations.

Proper ergonomics helps employees work more productively, comfortably, and safely.

Custom foot orthotics are prescription shoe inserts (insoles) that focus on the worker and adapt them to any work environment.

They work by correcting biomechanical foot dysfunction and gait abnormalities which can, if left untreated, lead to overuse injuries and pain.

Our Occupational Custom Orthotics can help:

  • Reduce low back pain by 34.5%
  • Provide pain relief for a wide variety of lower limb conditions
  • Reduce absenteeism due to lower extremity and spinal pain 
  • Reduce long-term disability claims
  • Reduce incidence of short-term disability
  • Reduce injury claims 
  • Reduce surgical intervention
  • Improve the worker’s comfort and productivity
  • Improve workplace satisfaction

Featured Occupational Orthotics


Providing comfort and support for professionals who stand or sit a lot. Custom-made with a premium genuine leather top cover. Available in full and half length to fit most men’s and women’s dress footwear. 


Optimal energy™

Providing comfort and support for moderate to highly active professionals who may lift light to moderate loads. Clinician-designed and custom-made with advanced scientific materials that increase energy, strength, and stamina. 


Providing comfort and extra support for moderate to highly active professionals who lift heavy loads. Scientifically advanced materials for optimal thermal comfort and odour control. Custom-made for your feet.

Onsite Corporate Client Workflow

Every business is unique and the process can vary depending on your company’s size, budget, and preferences and whether you participate in a Direct-Pay Program or Insurance-Based Program. 

In view of the current pandemic, part of your company’s workforce may be working from home. You may also not wish to have on-site services performed or we feel on-site services are not viable at the time. Rest assured, we have you covered. We offer individual in-office care at corporate rates, as well as virtual care and Telehealth options.

Below is an overview of our onsite corporate client workflow, which will be tailored to your company’s requirements and applicable public health guidelines.



Depending on your company’s size, budget, and goals, your workforce may be provided with an Employee Screening Questionnaire that identifies employees that are likely candidates for orthotic therapy based on established criteria. The questionnaires will be evaluated by a clinician to identify potential orthotic candidates.

After having identified potential orthotic candidates, the clinician will set up a time frame to perform a Metascan™ Digital Gait Assessment for each designated employee. 


digital GAIT Assessment

While everyone can benefit from custom orthotics, not everyone needs them. To determine orthotic candidates, employees are scanned on-site with the digital Metascan™ Gait Analysis System. 

Metascan™ is an advanced system for scientific, accurate and biomechanical patient assessments. It enables the clinician to assess a patient dynamically while they are walking and allows the patient’s (dysfunctional)  gait to dictate the corrective prescription for their orthotic. This technology allows us to objectively pre-determine potential orthotic candidates among employees in a time and cost-effective manner. 

For each scanned employee, an objective, independently verified gait analysis report is prepared. The details of the report are confidential and will only be shared with the individual employee (as stipulated by applicable healthcare privacy laws). The company, however, will receive a Corporate Assessment Report that advises the company of the overall orthotic need of their workforce. 

The clinician will proceed to set up appointments with employees with a demonstrated need for orthotic therapy for a clinical examination. 


clinical examination

For orthotic candidates, a clinical exam will be performed, either on-site or in-office (depending on your company’s infrastructure and preferences). It includes the patient’s medical history, an orthopaedic examination of the lower extremities, and a lifestyle & footwear assessment. A 3D image of each foot may be taken as well (not required for Direct-Pay Program).

At this time, a custom prescription order is placed with our local orthotics manufacturer.


orthotic fitting

Orthotics are usually ready within 2 weeks and can be fitted on-site or in-office.  Instructions regarding proper wear and break-in of the orthotics will be provided when orthotics are dispensed.  


clinical follow-up

To ensure comfort and compliance of employees fitted with orthotics, a clinical follow-up will be scheduled within 90 days of fitting, and any required adjustments will be made accordingly. Follow-up appointments usually take place in-office (or by phone/virtual if no orthotic adjustments are required).


workforce follow-up + Corporate report

An employee satisfaction questionnaire will be administered to assess the therapeutic benefits for each employee fitted with custom orthotics.

A workforce summary (corporate report) will be provided to the company as basis for evaluation of the merits of orthotic therapy for the company.


digital gait assessment (ON-SITE)


clinical EXAMINATION (on-site or in-office)




CLINICAL FOLLOW-UP (in-office or by phone)


In order to accommodate employees working from home due to the pandemic, we offer individual in-office care for your workforce at corporate rates. We also offer virtual care and Telehealth options.

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