We Help Active Toronto Adults Relieve And Prevent Pain & Strain In The Lower Limbs And Spine 

If you want to get back or stay on your feet without having to give up your favourite activities, and you are ready to work with a healthcare professional, request a consultation with Dr. Nicole Hess.


A consultation is the first step towards resolving your chronic foot pain. At Urban Soles, a consultation for adults struggling with chronic foot pain is an investigative process designed to find out WHAT is causing your pain, WHY this is happening, and HOW we can fix the problem and keep it from coming back.

If you are ready to work with a healthcare professional to find the root cause of your pain and resolve your chronic foot condition, click below to request a consultation with a clinician. 

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Are You Struggling With Chronic Knee, Hip, Or Low Back Pain? Have You Been Dealing With Shin Splints That Keep Coming Back?

Your feet could be to ‘blame’.

During a discovery visit at Urban Soles, we take a highly detailed digital image of your feet and identify whether you have a structural dysfunction that could lead to strain in other parts of the body and to painful conditions such as shin splints, patella-femoral pain (knee pain), as well as hip and low back pain. 

We show you the connection between your feet and your knees, hips, and spine and explore whether custom orthotics can help you feel and move better. 

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Other Services

compression hosiery Fitting

At Urban Soles, a certified SIGVARIS fitter takes your measurements and fits you with premium medical compression hosiery that meet your prescription requirements and your lifestyle needs. SIGVARIS calf-length medical compression stockings start at $160 per pair. 

Many extended health benefit plans cover medical compression hosiery and you may be eligible for multiple pairs per year. Please confirm your insurance coverage and obtain a valid prescription beforehand.

If you are ready to get started with medical compression hosiery, click below to book an appointment with a certified SIGVARIS fitter.


ORTHOPAEDIC & diabetic Footwear consultation

During your Footwear Consultation at Urban Soles, we evaluate and measure your feet before selecting and ordering your orthopaedic/diabetic footwear based on size, shape, stability, and style.

If you are ready to get professionally fitted with comfortable and supportive or accommodative footwear, click below to request a consultation.    


Custom Orthotics Consultation

Have you had custom orthotics before and are ready for a new pair?

Have you been referred for orthotics by your doctor and want to get started?

Are you an athlete or weekend warrior who wants to improve their performance and prevent overuse injuries in the lower limbs and spine?

During your consultation at Urban Soles, we take your history, perform a biomechanical exam and gait assessment, and cast you for orthotics. We also assess your footwear, perform a digital gait analysis, and take additional measurements for best results. 

If you are ready to get custom orthotics or orthotic sandals, click below to request a consultation with a clinician.


About Urban Soles

At Urban Soles, we specialize in helping active Toronto adults resolve chronic foot conditions and relieve knee, hip, or low back pain without medications, gimmicky aids, or weekly therapy visits.

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Our signature solution, The RFCA-Methodâ„¢ is a therapy system that is designed to resolve chronic foot conditions by correcting any underlying structural dysfunction, removing contributing or aggravating factors, facilitating healing, and adopting foot-healthy lifestyle habits.


Orthopaedic shoes are specifically designed to support or accommodate the mechanics and structure of the foot, ankle and leg. In contrast to everyday footwear, they have a number of medically-beneficial features and functions that have been shown to help people with diabetes, peripheral neuropathy, edema, flat feet, high instep, and foot deformities such as bunions and hammertoes. They also accommodate custom orthotics (prescription insoles) and are great for active adults who spend their day on their feet. At Urban Soles, we fit orthopaedic/diabetic shoes from Apex and Anodyne.


Custom orthotics are prescription shoe inserts that correct structural dysfunction in the feet for the purpose of relieving foot, knee, hip, and spine pain. At Urban Soles, we dispense expertly-crafted orthotics from premium materials such as leather, suede, and merino wool, that are comfortable, effective, and durable.


Compression hosiery, such as calf sleeves, stockings, leggings, and pantyhoses provide a desired grade of compression to the lower extremities for the purpose of facilitating venous blood flow to the heart. It is recommended for the management of chronic venous disease and can also help with reducing swelling and discomfort associated with long periods of standing or sitting.

At Urban Soles, we fit SIGVARIS medical compression hosiery with a minimum of 20-30mmHg compression (prescription from a qualified physician e.g. family doctor is required).

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