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Whether you have had custom orthotics before and are ready for a new pair, you have been dealing with chronic recurring foot, knee, hip, or low back pain and want to try custom orthotics for the first time, or you are an athlete or weekend warrior who wants to improve their performance and prevent overuse injuries in the lower limbs and spine, you have come to the right place.

Custom orthotics are prescription insoles for your footwear that correct foot dysfunction and help relieve and prevent pain and strain in the feet, knees, hips, and spine by improving the alignment and function of those joints. 

The custom orthotics we dispense at Urban Soles are hand-crafted from premium natural materials such as leather, suede, and merino wool or from performance synthetic materials for durability and all-season comfort and performance. They can be made for any shoe type (e.g. dress, casual, athletic, safety, slippers), even sandals, and for every occasion. Whether you are working, cycling, hiking, hitting the water or the slopes, we have an orthotic for that.

To receive custom orthotics, a consultation with a clinician is required. During your consultation, we take your history, perform a biomechanical exam and gait assessment, and cast you for orthotics. We also assess your footwear, perform a digital gait analysis, and take additional measurements for best results. Once we receive your orthotics from the lab, we will schedule you for a fitting appointment.

If you are ready to experience unparalleled comfort and therapeutic support with every step you take, whether you are at work, enjoying your favourite activities, or you lounging at home, click below to request a Custom Orthotics Consultation at Urban Soles in Toronto.

We will contact you to schedule your appointment and answer any questions you may have.

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