do you experience shin, calf, or lower leg pain during or after each run?

do you only get temporary relief from manual therapy, stretches, or pain killers?

are you worried you might have to quit training?

do you want to continue exercising and get rid of the pain for good?

Did You Know…

When your shin, calf, or lower leg pain keeps coming back despite any therapy efforts, you have likely not resolved the root cause of your pain. Research shows, lower limb conditions such as shin splints or achilles tendinopathy, can be linked to abnormal foot function. Most people do not know that they have abnormal foot function, because they have no foot pain. However, 9 in 10 Canadians have a foot dysfunction. 

Foot dysfunctions, including ‘overpronation’ (i.e. excessive inward rolling of the feet) or high arches are linked to painful lower limb conditions such as shin splints and achilles tendinopathy.

Shin splints affect 35% of the athletic population and can account for 60% of all lower-limb overuse injuries and 10-20% of running injuries. Football, basketball, and soccer athletes, as well as ballet dancers are at a higher risk of developing shin splints, too.    

The good news is, foot dysfunction can effectively be treated with custom orthotics. Custom orthotics are prescription insoles for your footwear that are designed to correct dysfunction in the feet and help relieve and prevent painful overuse injuries in the lower limbs.

Custom orthotics can be made for any shoe type (including cleats) and sports. Whether you are running, dancing, or playing ball, at Urban Soles, we can provide orthotics for all your activities and needs.

If you want to know what is causing your pain and whether you have an underlying structural foot dysfunction, book an Initial Evaluation with a clinician at Urban Soles. 

initial evaluation

If you have been dealing with recurring shin, calf, or lower leg pain, and you are only getting temporary relief from manual therapy, stretches, or pain killers, you may have an underlying structural dysfunction in your feet.

During your Initial Evaluation at Urban Soles, we perform a physical exam as well as a footwear assessment to find out why you are experiencing pain. In addition, we take a highly detailed digital image of your feet and identify whether you have a structural dysfunction that could contribute to your pain. 

Looking closely at the connection between your feet, your footwear, and your primary complaint, we can determine whether you are a candidate for custom orthotics and devise an effective treatment plan to keep you running pain-free.  

If you are ready to work with a healthcare provider to resolve your lower leg pain and continue training, book an Initial Evaluation with a clinician. 

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