orthopaedic footwear consultation

Whether you have had stock orthopaedic or diabetic shoes before and are ready for a new pair or you have heard about the benefits of orthopaedic shoes and want to try them for the first time, you have come to the right place.

Orthopaedic shoes are specifically designed to support or accommodate the mechanics and structure of the foot, ankle and leg. In contrast to everyday footwear, they have a number of medically-beneficial features and functions that have been shown to help people with diabetes, peripheral neuropathy, edema, flat feet, high instep, and foot deformities such as bunions and hammertoes.

However, you don’t have to have sensitive or painful feet or foot deformities to reap the benefits of orthopaedic footwear. The stock orthopaedic and diabetic shoes we dispense at Urban Soles come in different widths and are available up to size 16 for men and size 13 for women. They accommodate most foot types and are perfectly suited to be fitted with custom orthotics. They are also great for active adults who spend their day on their feet. 

At Urban Soles, we offer STOCK (a.k.a OFF-THE-SHELF) orthopaedic/diabetic footwear that is comfortable, supportive, and good-looking starting at $220 (plus consultation fee). Insurance documentation is available upon request. 

During your consultation, we evaluate and measure your feet before selecting your orthopeedic/diabetic footwear based on size, shape, stability, and style.

If you are ready to book your appointment, click below to request an Orthopaedic Footwear Consultation with a chiropractor. 

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