Featured E-Rider Custom Orthotics


Whether you are wearing high tops, sneakers, or running shoes, all of our custom orthotics provide biomechanical control to correct abnormal foot function, relief pain, and improve riding posture and comfort.

Orthotics for electric unicycle or onewheel riders provide shock absorption during the ride and maximum comfort for prolonged standing.

Custom-made for YOUR feet. 

E-Kick scooter/E-SKATE rider

Whether you are wearing your favourite Vans, runners, or dress shoes, all of our custom orthotics provide biomechanical control to correct abnormal foot alignment, improve riding comfort, and prevent repetitive strain injuries. 

Orthotics with the e-kick scooter or e-skate rider in mind feature maximum shock absorption and propulsive power during the occasional kicking.

Custom-made for YOUR feet.


Whether you are wearing sneakers, running shoes, or dress shoes, all of our custom orthotics provide biomechanical control to correct abnormal foot alignment and improve riding posture and comfort. 

Orthotics for e-bikers and cyclists provide optimal lower extremity alignment for maximum energy transfer during pedalling and prevention of overuse injuries of the feet and knees.

Custom-made for YOUR feet.



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Featured E-Rider Footwear

Constructed with the most advanced technological features – representing the highest standards in performance and comfort ON AND OFF THE WHEEL(S) – selected for you & professionally fitted at urban soles

triple strap boot

  • Approx. 6” boot shaft height
  • Double-barrel padded collar
  • Adjustable hook-and-loop strap (velcro)
  • Heel pull tab
  • Durable full-grain leather upper
  • Soft leather lining
  • SmartGrip™ polyurethane sole

Available in 3 widths 

Men’s 7-13 (half sizes available), 14,15, 16


  • “Slip on” construction for ease of donning/doffing
  • Eyelet adjustment for narrow foot customization
  • Breathable, open mesh upper for cooling and moisture transfer
  • Supportive, yet lightly stretchable upper to accommodate different foot structures
  • Traction oriented, light weight design

Available in 3 Widths

Women’s: Sizes 6-11 (half sizes available), 12

Available in black, mint/grey, white (NEW)

Men’s: Sizes 7-13 (half sizes available), 14

Available in black or brown

bungee strap athletic sneaker

  • Tie-less bungee cord laces
  • Adjustable hook-and-loop strap (velcro)
  • Full-grain leather upper
  • Slip-resistant rubber outsole for increased traction

Available in 3 widths 

Men’s 7-13 (half sizes available), 14, 15

bungee athletic sneaker

  • Innovative bungee closure
  • Synthetic upper
  • Mesh accents for breathability
  • Rubber outsole for traction and stability

Available in 3 widths 

Men’s 7-13 (half sizes available), 14, 15

Lace up boot

  • High collar and seven-eyelet lacing for a secure fit
  • Durable genuine leather upper
  • Soft leather linings for comfort and breathability 
  • SmartGrip™ polyurethane soles for safety and stability

Available in 3 widths 

Men’s 6.5-13 (half sizes available), 14, 15, 16

paige boot

  • Supple suede (leather) upper
  • Moisture wicking and temperature regulating lining
  • Slip-resistant certified, rubber outsole for superior traction and stability

Available in 3 widths 

Women’s 5-11 (half sizes available), 12, 13

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After Riding… Is Before Riding. Recovery Matters! Help Your Body Recover Faster With The Right Footwear 

If you need custom orthotics for riding in order to relieve discomfort and prevent overuse injuries, you also need custom orthotics at home. Just like wearing prescription glasses, your therapy need does not end with your ride.

When you come home, you deserve the same therapeutic support and comfort that your custom foot orthotics give you during your ride. Hand-crafted custom orthotic sandals and flip flops or cozy slippers fitted with merino wool or suede custom orthotics get this done for you. Foot, knee, and low back pain relief for Toronto E-riders couldn’t be more comfortable. 

If you spent thousands of dollars on your ride(s), it only makes sense to invest in your feet, too. Your whole body will thank you for it! 


E-RIDER orthotics consultation

Whether you have had custom orthotics before and are ready for a new pair, you have been dealing with chronic recurring foot, knee, hip, or low back pain and want to try custom orthotics for the first time, or you are an athlete or weekend warrior who wants to improve their performance and prevent overuse injuries in the lower limbs and spine, you have come to the right place.

Custom orthotics are prescription insoles for your footwear that correct foot dysfunction and help relieve and prevent pain and strain in the feet, knees, hips, and spine by improving the alignment and function of those joints.

The custom orthotics we dispense at Urban Soles are hand-crafted from premium natural or synthetic performance materials for durability and all-season comfort and performance. They can be made for any shoe type and activity. Whether you are riding a scooter, onewheel, EUC, e-skate, e-bike, or you are just chilling, we make orthotics for that.

To receive e-rider custom orthotics, a consultation with a clinician is required. During your consultation, we take your history, perform a biomechanical exam and gait assessment, and cast you for orthotics. We also assess your footwear, perform a digital gait analysis, and take additional measurements for best results. Once we receive your orthotics from the lab, we will schedule you for a fitting appointment.

If you are ready to experience unparalleled comfort and therapeutic support with every step you take, whether you are at work, enjoying your favourite activities, or you lounging at home, click below to request a Custom Orthotics Consultation.

We will contact you to schedule your appointment and answer any questions you may have. 

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